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Man Must Explore is an explosive alt-rock group based out of Albany, NY, originally started to push musical boundaries through their signature cocktail of post punk and blues influences. With musical themes ranging from the infinite cosmos to shadowy depths of the human mind, they embody the words spoken by astronaut David Scott on the Apollo 15 mission; “I sort of realize there’s a fundamental truth to our nature, Man must explore . . . and this is exploration at its greatest.”

“Whether our music makes you want to break off a bad relationship, scream and cry into the void, or put your fist through a wall, we hope it brings you peace in the end.”

As they continue to record more of their music in this same vein, they remain eager to continue exploring whatever comes next and hope you join them.

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Man Must Explore

Video for The Bluff

Tom Maroon is an experimental rock singer-songwriter based in Albany. He has been performing professionally throughout the east coast for 13 years. His high-energy shows combine rock, punk, and musical theater influences for a uniquely cinematic and lyric-focused style. He has self-released and produced two solo albums, with a third (‘Lowflyers’) to be released on Mint 400 Records in early 2023. Tom also plays guitar/keyboards in the Massachusetts electronic rock band This Bliss.

Tom Maroon

Mod Fiction is an independent alternative rock band formed by singer, guitarist, and song composer Kevin Gadani and drummer Greg Gadani in Albany, New York in 2011. In late 2021 we begain rehearsing for live performance with a new lineup, adding Mark Wolfe on guitar and Clayton Rosen on bass. Playing mostly newer tunes, live shows are going well and will continue throughout the year.

Mod Fiction

A message from Wyatt – “I was born on a farm 7 miles from Saratoga.  I loved music, learned trumpet in school sung in choir. Picked up a guitar at 12 and composed my first songs. I joined the Army and played a 12 string wherever I was stationed – in Texas, Mexico and Germany before coming back to New York. I’ve been playing and composing since 1969. Since 2010 to today I would play drums, bass or any guitar and I’ve built a band that has released 2 albums to date, The Plan-T Band. Positive Projections is what I’m about.”

Wyatt Stockwell